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  • Natural thyroid Thyrodex supports energy throughout the day
  • Natural thyroid Thyrodex supports your metabolism and weight 
  • Natural thyroid Thyrodex supports your hair growth (including your thinning eyebrows!)
  • You don't want to take or can't take "synthetic" prescriptions (looking for a Synthroid alternative)
  • You can't get a Synthroid or natural thyroid prescription from your doctor
  • You want a product that is more effective than the weaker herbal thyroid vitamin products you've been taking
  • You want to relieve your frustrating hypothyroidism symptoms 

My Natural Thyoird provides EFFECTICE natural hypothyroid support.Your natural thyroid hormones affect virtually every organ system in your body. As a child, thyroid hormones are critical for normal growth and development. As an adult, the major role of thyroid hormones are to maintain metabolic and energy stability.

The thyroid gland, shaped like a butterfly and usually weighing less than an ounce concentrates iodine to produce the thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Thyroid hormones are stored in the follicles of the thyroid gland until enzymes release them for metabolic use in the body.

Thyroid hormones exert a controlling influence on growth, metabolic rate and energy. The metabolic rate is the speed with which the body transforms nutrients into energy.

Hyperthyroidism symptoms occur if the metabolic rate is markedly increased. T4 and/or T3 levels are usually increased. Hyperthyroidism may cause atrial fibrillation, reduced bone mineral density and increased fractures. Click here for additional information on Hyperthyroidism Symptoms.

Hypothyroidism occurs if the metabolic rate is markedly decreased. Hypothyroidism can cause many recurring illnesses and fatigue. T4 and/or T3 levels are usually decreased. Click here for additional Natural Hypothyroidism Symptoms.

Thyrodex T-150 Raw Natural Thyroid and My Natural Iodine™ are natural thyroid supplements that are extremely successful in supporting your thyroid and normalizing its function.*

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My Natural Thyroid products are very effective and should be taken under the supervision of a qualified health professional who is familiar with the thyroid blood tests for Free T3, Free T4, TSH and TPO.

"I've use many thyroid herbal products since I started my natural practice in 1998. I have not found a product as effective as Natural Thyroid - Thyrodex T-150.

Go ahead and try other natural thyroid herbal products first. Then take Thyrodex T-150 Natural Thyroid for two months.

I guarantee, you'll find Thyrodex T-150 Natural Thyroid is the BEST natural thyroid product."

Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist,
B.Sc. Pharmacy, Health Coach©


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"I’d been taking Synthroid for my thyroid for years, but was still experiencing low thyroid symptoms. Adding My Natural Thyroid 100 to my regimen has helped alleviate the symptoms that my prescription couldn’t touch. Thanks!"

Sharla B.,
Mustang, OK

"When I was diagonised with low thyroid I started taking My Natural Thyroid 100. At one time my doctor wanted me to try traditional medication (Synthroid) which didn't work. My Natural Thyroid 100 keeps my body working without side effects. Natural medications are the best for the body, and I thank you for taking care of me. I would encourage anyone who is having thyroid problems to consult with Keith and get on a natural health care plan.  Sincerely,"   


Linda M.,

Mustang, OK